Friday, April 13, 2007

February Meeting Minutes

The February meeting of the Wasatch Beekeepers Association was held on February 15, 2007 at Jones Bee, 2586 West 500 South in Salt Lake City. The meeting was conducted in the beginning by Karen Dupaix, due to the absence of other presidency members. When Maurice Cobo arrived a few minutes into the meeting, he commenced conducting the meeting. Nine members were in attendance.

Karen Dupaix read the minutes from February’s meeting. They were approved by Mary Jane Grange and seconded by Paul Dupaix. The treasurer’s report was given by Byron Anderson, and later by Maurice Cobo. We have $268.38 in our Zion’s Bank account. Arrangements were discussed to update the signature cards at the bank. The newsletter report was given by Paul Dupaix. 28 February newsletters were mailed out, and approximately 20 more were emailed to members. The journal report was not made because the vice-president, Jim Broseus, was not in attendance.

The program was presented by Mary Jane Grange and Maurice Cobo. Mary Jane discussed spring feeding of the bees, taking information from online sources at and Various types of feeders were discussed, as were various types of feed. It was emphasized that once you start to feed the bees, you must continue until they have a good nectar source, such as dandelions. Pollen supplementation was also discussed, as were the pros and cons of the different pollen substitutes available.

Byron Anderson shared pictures of his bee yards, and California hives and orchards.

Mention was made of the new disorder causing hives to decline. Everyone is anxious for more information and knowledge of how to prevent this in our bee yards.

Maurice gave a report on equipment care, noting that this is the best time of year to maintain your equipment. He recommended looking over hive boxes and making repairs, plugging holes with drywall hole filler, using a good primer, and then painting with Latex paint that has been mis-mixed to save money. Hive tools can be cleaned in the dishwasher after either scraping them off, or using them in the garden to help clean them off.

The meeting was concluded with brownies and milk, and a discussion about next month’s meeting in which Lloyd Hefflin will discuss queen rearing as a hobbyist beekeeper.

January's Meeting Minutes

The January meeting of the Wasatch Beekeepers Association was held January 18, 2007, at Jones Bee, located at 2576 West 500 South in Salt Lake City, Utah. The meeting was conducted by our new president, Maurice Cobo. Four members were present: Maurice Cobo, Paul Dupaix, Karen Dupaix, and Mary Jane Grange.

Mary Jane, outgoing secretary, read the minutes from the December meeting. Due to the small number of attending members, approval of the December minutes was postponed until February’s meeting.

Maurice Cobo gave the treasurer’s report in place of Byron Anderson, who was absent. We have $297.68 in our account at Zion’s Bank.

Paul Dupaix, Public Relations/Newsletter chairman, gave the newsletter report. Unfortunately, the January newsletter was not sent out. There was a miscommunication about the president’s message, which was resolved. Paul wants to include beekeeping tips every month in the newsletters, and may find a logo for the newsletter too. President Maurice Cobo suggested that, to cut postage costs, the bulk of the newsletters be emailed, and only snail-mailed if a member does not have an email account. Mr. Cobo also suggested that by May, any non-dues paying members be dropped from the mailed-out newsletter list. A suggestion was also made to advertise our organization and its meetings in IFA stores.

The Journal Report was postponed until the February meeting due to low attendance, as was the program planned for this evening.

Mary Jane asked for ideas for programs for this year. The following tentative program schedule was outlined:

February: Equipment Upkeep
March: The Dupaix’s Tooele honey operation
April: Establishing new colonies
May: Soapmaking by Jones Bee
June: The Honey Flow
July: Summer Social
August: Harvesting the honey, or a picnic with Utah County Beekeepers Assn.
September: State Fair, no meeting
October: Cooking with honey recipe and food exchange & honey tasting
November: Christmas Party and Elections
December: No Meeting (State Beekeepers Convention Nov 30-Dec.1)

The meeting was adjourned until February 15, 2007.
Karen B. Dupaix
Secretary, Wasatch Beekeepers Association

November's Meeting Minutes

The November meeting of the Wasatch Beekeepers Association was held November 16, 2006 at Jones Bee, located at 2586 West 500 South, in Salt Lake City, Utah. The meeting was conducted by our president, Joe Grange. Eleven members were present.

Mary Jane Grange read the minutes for October 2006. Maurice Cobo gave the treasurer's report. We have $297.68 in our account at Zions Bank. This is the smallest amount since 1993. Joe and mary Jane Grange felt that we can no longer take refreshment money out of our bank account. Karen Dupaix suggested that we take turns bringing refreshments. We can also put out the "kitty cup" like we used to do. Membership and attendance has declined drastically this year. We were encouraged to bring in new and older members.

The meeting was turned over to Larry Knowlden, program director. We had our yearly banquet of honey baked ham and pot luck items. After dinner, Joe was given an award for his two years of service as President of the Wasatch Beekeepers Association. He served in 2005 and 2006. He was given a belt buckle with a beehive on it. Joe thanked everyone for their assistance for two years.

We then began elections. Larry Knowlden nominated Maurice Cobo for president in 2007. This was seconded by Karen Dupaix. Nominations were closed by Jim Brosius and Joe Grange. All were in favor. Larry Knowlden nominatede Byron Anderson as treasurer. This motion was seconded by Paul Dupaix. Joe Grange made a motion that nominations for treasurer cease. Mary Grange Seconded. all were in favor. Larry Knowlden nominated Karen Dupaix as secretary. This was seconded by Maurice Cobo. Mary Jane Grange made a motion that nominations cease. This was seconded by Jim Brosius. All were in favor. Larry Knowlden nominated Paul Dupaix for Public Relations/Newsletter. This was seconded by Heather Trecker Smith. Jim Brosius closed this motion. All were in favor. Larry Knowlden nominated Mary Jane Grange for Program Director. This was seconded by Karen Dupaix. This motion was closed by Paul Dupaix.

Our officers for 2007 are:
Maruice Cobo - President
Jim Brosius - Vice President
Karen Dupaix - Secretary
Paul Dupaix - Public Relations/Newsletter
Mary Jane Grange - Program Director

We had a drawing for prizes. We then dismissed until January 18, 2007. Utah State Beekeepers convention will be held November 30 and December 1, 2006 at the State Agricultural Building.
Mary Jane Grange,
Secretary, Wasatch Beekeepers Association.